Foundry Hill Cemetery

Hugh C. Tyler (First wife was Elizabeth Ann Stephens, daughter of Fielding Stephens. They had children Henry A., John F., Mack (Cheatham), Viola, Samantha. After her death, he married Adaline Thompson. Hugh and Adaline had son Walter V. and probably others.)
16 Oct. (Stone seems to state 1814, but censuses and service in CSA make it more likely his birth year was 1824)
11 June 1911

Adaline Thompson Gallimore Tyler (Adaline Thompson was the daughter of Matthew Thompson and was previously married to William Gallimore and had three children with him. Her sister China 'Polly' was married to a Paschall and to Eli A. Stephens, Jr.)
22 Mar 1837 - 17 June 1918