Foundry Hill Cemetery

John W. Alexander (Middle name Wesley, son of John Priestly Alexander & Emily Jane Stephens)
1865 - 1939

N. C. "Tiny" Alexander (Maiden name Nancy Clementine Wall, dau of Andrew Jackson Wall & Martha Ann Jameson/Jimerson; MAJ was sister or half-sister of Jefferson Jameson/Jimerson, MAJ's mother was Fanny [Ray?]; MAJ's father was probably Andrew Jameson/Jimerson. Tiny was half-sister of Isaac Gore's third wife Margaret Wall and half-sister to Dowdy Wall's father James Fleming Wall. Margaret's and Fleming's mother was Martha Alexander, daughter of John M Alexander, who was probably John Priestly's uncle. Tiny was likely named for her mother's sister, Nancy C. Jameson/Jimerson.)
1864 - 1941