What's Y Search?

Y Search is a genealogical data base and more. You can load your DNA results and provide as much additional information as you wish, or, if you ask your ADNAP administrator to do so, he or she can do the initial uploading for you, and you can add whatever you desire. You can even go to the page; enter your DNA profile (your marker results); do a search and comparison; and wipe everything out before leaving. But why would you want to? We enter this game because we are looking for others who can help us find our ancestors. Most of us enter our DNA results and have a user account and user id set up for us to make it easy to go back and search periodically.

On Y Search, you can look at the DNA markers for all the Alexanders who have loaded their results in the data base and compare marker by marker to yours. You can select others in the data base and see a comparison of how many steps of mutation separate you from them, and you can get an analysis of your probable kinship with selected individuals. It is quite instructive to take the representatives of two different Alexander families, denoted by different colors (see Y Results), and make the comparison to see how distinct these families really are from each other.

Click on the Y-search link on the left for further information and a demonstration.