Line of my ancestor, Joshua Chilcutt, born about 1790
by JFA

Joshua was born 17 March 1790 in Guilford County, North Carolina, as recorded in a Chilcutt bible, according to Donna Moody. Since she did not say whether she had seen the bible herself or had only seen a record made by someone else who saw the bible, the birth date remains only probable, not certain.

Joshua was married to Elizabeth, almost certainly in Guilford County, North Carolina, since the oldest children usually reported that state as their birthplace. Some people have reported Elizabeth's name as Elizabeth Maude, but I have seen no evidence for the second name, and I'm unsure if it is supposed to be only an additional name or an unusual surname. I have often wondered if the surname was Moody, meaning that she would likely have been related to me through the Guilford County Moodys.

Joshua and Elizabeth, along with his brother George's family and perhaps his sister Rebecca's family, migrated from North Carolina to Tennessee, probably following the oft-used route through Kentucky.Note 1 It appears that they settled in Stewart County, Tennessee, although it may have been the part of Stewart County west of the Tennessee River, an area that became Henry County a short time later. They reached there by 1820 as shown on that year's federal census, where Joshua was enumerated as Joshua Shilcott.

As the 1820 census shows, Joshua's and Elizabeth's family included two boys and two girls at that time, all under five. This implies that their marriage occurred before 1815 but very likely not much before. On the 1830 census, which found them in Henry County, perhaps without even making a move, the four children from 1820 were present, and the family included four more girls and two more boys to make ten children in all. In 1840, one girl, then under five, had entered the family, and this daughter was almost certainly Martha Jane. The 1840 census suggests eleven children instead of ten, but, if there were eleven, one died before 1857, apparently leaving no heirs to share in division of Joshua's property.Note 2

Although the dating of their births comes chiefly from census data, which are often not exactly correct, and from marriage records, which often have no ages, we can determine the approximate ages of most of Joshua's and Elizabeth's children. Since we have only a range of possible birth dates, the order may not be exactly as I have listed it.

  1. Rebecca appears to be the oldest child, born not long after 1815.
  2. I have not discovered the identity of one of the sons born before 1820.
  3. George W.'s birth probably occurred in 1818 or 1819.
  4. Mary Ann also appears to be born before 1820
  5. We can guess Elizabeth's birth as occurring between 1820 and 1825.
  6. James Bruce's birth was probably around 1825.
  7. Sarah was likely born around 1827.
  8. Celia was born before 1830.
  9. Next youngest was probably William F., born about 1832.
  10. Martha Jane was the youngest born between 1836 and 1838.

I realize that several of these birth years would make Joshua's and Elizabeth's children older than the oldest ages they ever reported for themselves, but only the earlier birth dates can account for their presence on the 1820, 1830, and 1840 censuses. Since twins appear to have been rather common in the Chilcutt family, there may have been one or more sets of twins. The death before 1857 was probably one of the sons born before 1820.


Rebecca remained single well into her thirties, but she married Elijah W. Moody 4 November 1857 after the death of his first wife, Nancy Wynn.Note 3 Rebecca and Elijah had no children, but she helped in the raising of several of the young children left motherless by Nancy's death. Rebecca died before 1894, when the property she and Elijah had owned was listed as taxed to her heirs.Note 4

George W.

George W. married Marina Wynn 8 July 1847 when he was he was twenty-eight or twenty-nine and she was aged fifteen to seventeen, which suggests that he was then a widower although I have found no previous marriage for him. George always reported himself on censuses as too young to have been born before 1820, but it is easy to deduce that he was in the family in 1820 and that there was no male in the age range he always reported.

After moving from Tennessee to Williamson County, Illinois, they lived there for several years, but they ended up in Missouri. Their move there was probably around 1875 since a daughter married in Illinois in that year while a son married in Missouri late that year. They were living there in 1880, and George and Marina probably died there.

Although there may have been more children, my limited search for data on them found only ten.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann married Jesse Bradshaw, and she and he were my great-great grandparents. They lived out their lives in Henry County and had six children including two sets of twins. Mary Ann died fairly young, almost certainly 1860 since Jesse and his brother Richard posted bond for Jesse to become guardian to his minor children in late October of that year.Security by Richard Jesse, who never remarried, lived on until the 1890s. My mother had records only of the birth date of Joshua and his twin, Richard, and the birth years of the other children of Mary Ann and Jessee are very uncertain since they reported the dates as different in different censuses, and three sisters were inconsistent in reporting which pair among them were twins.

On the 1900 census, Elizabeth "Betsy" and Lucinda "Lucy" reported themselves as age 49, born June 1850, with sister Mary as age 47, born May 1853. In 1910 and 1920, Betsie A. and Mary J. are both listed as age 56, twins, which would mean they were born about 1853. Mary Jane was fairly consistent about reporting her age.
    Children of Mary Ann Chilcutt and Jesse Bradshaw Note 5
  • Martha Tennessee, born 30 January 1851, died 10 December 1905 (Find A Grave)

    Martha Tennessee married George Rufus Angel, and they were the parents of at least five children. They were Rosie Frances (full name from KY Death Certificate #60-21740, Graves Co., 1960), Annie (name from KY Death Certificate #1885, Hickman Co., 1918) , William Rufus (full name from KY Death Certificate #29994, Hickman Co., 1939), George W., Martha Tennessee, and Sarah Ann. I will not address the Angel line further since the children and grandchildren have no Chilcutt parents.

  • Elizabeth "Betsy," born between 1849 and 1854, possibly June 1850; never married
  • Lucinda "Lucy," born betwee 1849 and 1852; never married
  • Mary Jane, born May 1854, died 16 May 1924; never married
  • Joshua "Josh," born 7 April 1855, died 14 October 1901

    Josh married Nancy A. Powell, daughter of Allenson Powell Jr. and Margaret Culpepper, and Josh and Nancy "Nannie" were my great grandparents. Nannie was born 1 April 1856 and died 27 March 1937. She had married twice before her marriage to Josh with both husbands dying soon after marriage. Although there were no children from the second marriage to Alexander Dortch, Nancy had a daughter Mary Bell (sometimes one word), born 1 December 1873, from the first marriage to Alonzo Marberry or Marbury..

  • Richard, born 7 April 1855, died 31 December 1940

    Richard married Mary "Molly" Ross, his cousin. Richard and Molly were parents of several children, but only Jesse Franklin, born 17 July 1883, survived to adulthood. Jessie Franklin married his cousin Elsie Chilcutt, daughter of Devereaux Chilcutt and Martha Randle. Jessis F. and Elsie had no children.


Elizabeth married Henry Franklin Ross, and they remained in Henry County and had a large family. Henry Franklin, who appears to have been known to family and friends as Frank, was several years younger than Elizabeth and probably born about 1834, although he gave varying age information on censuses. Although the listing of Frank Ross in the record of 1891 Henry County voters could have been for son Benjamin Franklin, he seems to have been known as Benjamin or Ben, meaning Henry Franklin was still alive. He died before 1900. Elizabeth died 1903 as attested by her gravestone, shared with daughter Mentie Hastings.

    Children of Elizabeth Chilcutt and Henry Franklin Ross
  • Mary "Molly" Ross, born 11 January 1856, died 23 May 1932

    Molly married her cousin, Richard Bradshaw, the son of Mary Ann Chilcutt and Jesse Bradshaw.

  • Joshua Henry, or Henry Joshua, Ross, born April 1858

    Joshua married Nora I. Williams, and, after her death, married Olive Wimberley.

  • Elizabeth Daretta Ross, "Lizzie" as child, later "Ret"

    Elizabeth Daretta married John H. Green.

  • Alice Armenta "Menty" Ross (listed on the 1860 census as Alice with an illegible initial, perhaps I; listed on 1900 census as Martie J.), born late January or early February 1860

    Menty married William Green Hastings. According to cousin Frank Lee, aka Frankie Moody, Green Hastings was known as Bunk. Mentie and Green had several children, and Frankie was interested in daughter Myrtle Armentia, who married Charlie Green, the son of his and my relative, Adeline Morton and her husband, Robert Green.Note 6 We were acquainted some of the children of Armentia and Charlie.

  • Benjamin Franklin Ross, born June 1863

    Benjamin married Katie/Kattie/Kiddie Brown (Kiddie on daughter Mabel's delayed certificate of birth, Tennessee D-illegible, 14 August 1944). They had two daughters, one of whom died before adulthood.

  • Sarah Sophronia "Frony" Ross, born September 1869 or September 1867

    Sarah Sophronia married William F. Williams.

    The route to discovery of their marriage is circuitous. Searching all the Henry County marriages between 1885 and 1910 for Rosses reveals S. C. Ross to William F. Williams in 1890 as a possibility, although perhaps remote. While a look at William F. Williams on the 1900 federal census shows his wife of eleven years as Sarah F., the search for William F. Williams or Sarah F. Williams on the 1910 census returns nothing. A further look for the three children listed on the 1900 census, Robert F., William G., and Ernest, reveals a family headed by Mrs Froney Williams, widow, with Robert, Green, and Earnest, of approximately the correct ages. I accepted this as sufficient evidence that Sarah Sophronia's marriage was to William F. Williams. Tennessee death certificate (#10505, May 1939) confirms that the parents of Green Williams were Billie Williams and Fronie Ross.
  • James Wesley Ross, born 24 October 1868, died 4 January 1944

    James Wesley married Zelema (Zalima on marriage record) C. Owens. Zelema is said to have been the daughter of Theodocia Caroline Chilcutt and Andrew Jackson Owens.

James Bruce

James Bruce gave his birth date as May 1827 as information for the 1900 census. The month is probably correct, and, if the year is not correct, it is nearly so. He died after 18 June 1900, the census date, and before 8 April 1901 when his widow married again.

James Bruce was married first to a woman who married as Jane Ross, but she died before 1867 when he remarried. Although she married as Jane, James Bruce's wife was listed as Margaret J. on the 1860 census. She seems to have belonged to the same Ross family as Henry Franklin Ross, who married James Bruces's sister Elizabeth, George C. Ross, who married his sister Celia, and John R. Ross, who was the first husband of his second wife, Nancy Evaline Tucker.

Although she married James Bruce as Nancy Eveline Ross, the 1860 census in Henry County reveals Nancy E. Ross, aged 22, to be wife of John R. Ross, aged 32, and the census family also has Henry Ross, age 3. A bit more searching through Henry County marriage records shows that the marriage of J. R. Ross and Nancy E. Tucker 24 January 1856. This marriage record is also on-line as noted in the marriage citations. The family just before that of John and Nancy E. Ross on the 1860 census was that of Haywood , aged 43, and Rosetta, aged 30, Tucker. The 1850 census confirmed that Nancy E. Tucker, aged 13, was in the family of Haywood Tucker, whose wife was Sally Ann Tucker, who must have died before 1860. If Haywood's 1860 age, as given, was correct, he was too young to be the Haywood on the 1870 census, and, furthermore, the 1860 Haywood would have been only fifteen or sixteen and Sally only thirteen or fourteen when Nancy and another daughter were born; however, the presence of Thomas and Mary of appropriate ages on both the 1850 and 1860 censuses makes me believe that Haywood and Sally reported their ages incorrectly in 1860. I'll accept this as evidence that Nancy Evaline was their child. Of interest to me and perhaps others reading this, Rosetta, Haywood's wife in 1860, seems to have been Jane Ross's older sister.

The family of James Bruce and wife Nancy E. on the 1870 census included his and her children, his and Jane's children, and Henry H. Ross, Nancy's son from her marriage to her first husband. After Nancy's death, James Bruce was married to Elizabeth Buchanan, who was widow of Dave Buchanan and whose maiden name was Wilson (TN Death Certificate #9866).

    Children of James Bruce Chilcutt and Jane Ross
  • James M., born December 1853

    James M. was married to Emma Stewart, with a slight possibility that her name was Emma Stevens. The Williamson County, IL, marriage record lists her name as Emma Stewart, and this surname receives support from the presence of Ethel Stewart, 12, in the family of James and Emma Chilcutt on the 1900 census in Clay County, AR. The support for Stevens as Emma's maiden name comes only from the Texas death certificate of her son Robert Bruce Chilcutt.

      Children of James M. and Emma
    • Robert Bruce, born 20 January 1886, marriage to Eva Finley
    • John Henry, born 11 February 1887, marriage to Ollie Hubble
    • Maud, born November 1893, marriage to Henry Rowton
    • James Benton, born 12 November 1895 or 12 November 1896 (Only one record gives 1896 as date.), marriage to Oma Boggs
  • Devereaux C., born 1 October 1856, died 2 May 1943

    Devereaux, often Devro or Debro, married Martha "Mattie" Randle, daughter of Colby Randle and Lizzie Ellender. Mattie, born 1 July 1861, died 22 April 1931, several years before Devereaux.

      Children of Devereaux and Martha
    • Charles Porter, born 10 September 1881, died 4 May 1967, marriage to Della Reynolds Note: middle name from delayed birth certificate
    • Lola, born April 1884, died 1963 marriage to John E. Burross
    • Albert, born January 1887, died 28 July 1959, marriage to Lena Dodson
    • Elsie, born August 1889, marriage to Jessie F. Bradshaw
    • Robert Clarence, born 7 February 1892, died 23 December 1960, marriage to Pattie Bayne, daughter of Pink Bayne and Mary Strader (parents' names from delayed Tennessee birth certificate)
    • George, born January 1900, died before 1910
  • Isham G. H. (almost certainly Isham Green Harris), born 1858 or 1859, apparently died before adulthood. I have done an extensive search of Henry County records and can find no mention of him after 1870. I have also searched a bit in adjoining Calloway County, KY, and in Arkansas and Missouri, where Henry County Chilcutts may have moved. I have not searched records in southern Illinois where some Henry County Chilcutts also lived.
  • Joshua B., born 1860, died March 1880, according to records of Dr. Weldon (Note: I have a note in my files about the death, which means that I probably have a citable reference, but I can't find it to post it at this moment. This means Joshua's death data are questionable.)
    Children of James Bruce Chilcutt and Nancy Evaline Tucker
  • Sarah F., born 3 March 1868, died 17 June 1953, marriage to William A. Wilson
  • Andrew J. born 1869 and apparently died before 1880 (not on 1880 census)
  • Elijah, born 5 December 1870, 21 July 1951, marriage to Lucinda Elizabeth "Lou" Cottom, daughter of Alexander Cottom and Sarah Scarbrough: Elijah and Lou were distant cousins since she was the granddaughter of Emily (Chilcutt) Scarbrough, who was the daughter of Joshua's brother George.
  • Nancy, born October 1872 or 1873, died between 1907 and 1909 (based on probable marriage to James M. Morgan)
    Although I cannot be certain she was the Nancy Chilcutt who married J. M. Morgan, she was the only Nancy who seemed to be in the correct age group. Nancy, born 1875, and James M. Morgan, born 1870, appeared on the census with children Katie and Bessie in Wayne County, MO, in 1900, but Katie, Bessie, Corda, and Flora appeared with James M. and a younger wife, Othena, in the same county in 1910. Othena, age 19, stated that she had been married one year and had only one child, meaning the mother of Corda, age 3, was Nancy, thus, providing the range for her death. The new wife's must have been Othena (not Athena as I originally believed) McGowan since she, then age 9, appeared in the family listed just before James's and Nancy's in 1900.
  • Robert Bruce, born 14 November 1874, died 30 July 1946

    Robert Bruce was married to Mamie Leona "Leo" Buchanan, and they had two daughters, Ina Nora, born 12 October 1900, and Olie E.

  • Ester, born 8 March 1876, died 16 January 1922

    Ester, sometimes referred to as Queen Esther, married her cousin Andrew Jackson "Jobe" Chilcutt. Jobe's mother was Ruth Jane Chilcutt, daughter of John M. and Sarah Chilcutt, and, although he used the name Chilcutt, he was the son of Asberry Oliver, who later married Ruth Jane.

  • C. S., born 1877; no additional data
  • Kirk Patrick, born 10 January 1878 or 10 January 1879, died 25 November 1939

    Kirk Patrick "Pat" married Estella Rowlett, born April 1883 and already widowed at the age of 17 by the death of her husband, M. A. Perry. Stella was the daughter of Joseph Rowlett and Sara Moody. Kirk Patrick and Stella had only one child who survived, a daughter Hermes. After Kirk Patrick's death, Stella married again to C. G. Shackelford and lived until 29 March 1957.

  • M. Ida was born March 1880, apparently died before 1911.

    Ida Chilcutt married D. A. Henderson in Henry County in November 1901, but I cannot state with certainty that the bride was James Bruce's daughter Ida even though she would have been of marriageable age then. I am almost certain that D. A. Henderson was Don Alexander Henderson, who married Ella Walker in April 1911, which would mean Ida was deceased by then. I knew Don and his third wife Ora Walker, and, although he had children with both Walker sisters, he had no surviving children who could have been from the marriage to Ida Chilcutt. Since this is Chilcutt history, I have not cited sources for Don Henderson and Ella and Ora Walker, but they are easily found in Henry County records if anyone is interested in their history.

  • Jennie A., born May 1882, 7 September 1965

    The Social Security Death Index lists Jennie's birth date as May 1888, but the 1900 census shows this to be incorrect since the difference between a twelve-year-old and an eighteen-year-old should be obvious. Jennie married John Headley Ferguson, and they raised a family in Henry County (and sometimes Calloway County, Kentucky).

    Children of James Bruce Chilcutt and Elizabeth Wilson
  • Flora, born February 1888;
  • Dora, born December 1892

    I found records for Flora Chilcutts's marriage to L. B. Byrd and Dora Chilcutt's marriage to L. J. Byrd, but I found nothing further about either the Chilcutt women or the Byrd men.

Sarah, born between 1829 and 1831

I am not certain of much about Sarah. Although she appeared, age 21, on the 1850 census in Henry County with mother Elizabeth, there was also an unaccounted-for Sarah Schicot, aged 20, who seems to have been the same woman, in the home of John and Ann Plant in Stewart County, TN, in 1850. The Henry County census for Elizabeth was conducted 25 August, and the Stewart County census for the Plants was conducted 28 September. Sarah could have easily left home between the two dates, and, according to the death certificates of several children, Sarah was born in Henry County.

Sarah "Sallie" married S. M. Parker, sometimes dalled Cy, in Stewart County either 1852 or 1853 (I was unable to be sure which was written.) Their children included Amanda, Rebecca Jane, Mollie, Liza, Mattie, Emma, William Henry, and Nicolas. Sarah. The family moved about a bit as shown by their being in Trigg County, KY, for the 1860 census, which listed Rebecca as born in Illinois but all other family members as born in Tennessee. They were back in Stewart County in 1870.

Sarah and Cy Parker apparently divorced since he and Nicolas appeared on a state census in the state of Washington, along with William H., who may have been visiting, in the early 1890s. Cy died there, but William lived mostly in Tennessee and died there. Sarah died 31 January 1910. Although several, perhaps all, of the Parker children married and had families, I have not traced them further.

Celia, born about 1829

Celia married George Ross in 1858. George was almost certainly the George C. found along with Henry F., Elizabeth Chilcutt's husband, and Jane, to Henry Franklin Ross, who had married Celia's sister Elizabeth earlier. The 1860 census shows George's and Celia's ages as 23 and 22, but Celia is about ten years older while George was a few years older.

The 1860 census shows Celia and George with two children, Sarah, 2, and Richard, 1. I have not been able to find records of Celia and George or of their children after 1860.

William F., born about 1833

The first record of marriage I have found for William F. Chilcutt was to Frances Roberts in 1856, but t unablehe minister or justice of the peace performing the marriage ceremony never returned the record to the court. This was not extremely uncommon, but I can be sure they married only because another researcher found a daughter Celia Ann listed on a Calloway County, KY, birth record. The parents of the daughter born 30 October 1856 were Wm. F. Chilcutt and Frances Roberts. The death of the daughter at three weeks is also chronicled in Calloway County records. Frances died before 1865 when William remarried.

William married Sarah Jane Robbins 11 March 1865, and the 1870 census shows them with no children. The 1880 census shows William and Jane, listed as S. J., with a son, W. J., age 10. One census recorded Jane as somewhat younger than William and another listed her as a bit older, meaning she was probably born between 1830 and 1835. She died between the time of the 1880 census and April 1886. W. J., undoubtedly William J., may have died before reaching adulthood. He was not the William J. Chilcutt who married Nancy Scarbrough in Henry County in 1882. He would have been too young, and Nancy Scarbrough's marriage was to the son of George P. Chilcutt, a member of the family of George Chilcutt, Joshua's brother.

William married Mattie Allen in 1886, implying that Jane had died by then. Mattie, who was nearly thirty, had a son, David "Dee" Allen, before marriage to William, and I can be sure of her and William's marriage only because David reported James Chilcutt of Henry County as his half-brother.

On his registration card for WWI, filed in Chicago, IL, David Allen, gave James Shilcutt, half-brother, Buchanan, TN, as his nearest relative. I'm unsure if Mattie and David's father were married. Although not pertinent to the Chilcutt history, David Allen and Emma Bradshaw, daughter of Joshua Bradshaw and Nancy Powell, married 23 May 1910.
William F. and Mattie had one child, James Franklin born 12 June 1887, before Mattie's death, which must have occurred before December 1891 when William married again.

James Franklin "Jim" married Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Malcolm in 1914. She had two children, Will Weatherford and Williard Rowlette, before marrying James Franklin, and Will and Williard had children also, but I have not followed them here.

  • Their oldest daughter, Ruby Lee born in 1917, married Urishma Smith, son of James Arnold Smith and Martha Morton, thus belonging to my Smith family and my Morton family.
  • Jim's and Lizzie's son James W., born in 1919, married, had children, and is deceased, but I have nothing more about him from either personal knowledge or from records.
  • The youngest child, Alice Kate, born in 1921, married James Stagner, and I have wondered if he belonged to my Stagner family but have not yet done the research needed to determine. Records show that they had children, and those children could still be alive.

William F. married Mrs Elizabeth Smith in 1891. Elizabeth, whose maiden name was Sneed, was the widow of John Henry Smith, and she had at least three Smith children, Leona, who may have died young, Franklin, who had children, and Mary, who also had children. Elizabeth and William had no children, but he and she raised his son James Franklin, her daughter Mary, and probably his step-son David Allen, who would have still been young when they married.

Martha Jane

Martha Jane married Richard Bradshaw in 1853, and they had one son Thomas J. Bradshaw. I have never been sure whether she married Jesse's brother Richard or Joseph Bradshaw's son Richard, Jesse's first cousin.

Which Richard?
Richard (1) and his brother Joseph Richard had sons named Richard, both born about 1830 or 1831. Both sons died during the Civil War, one in a POW camp in Springfield, IL (20 April 1862), and the other possibly during or after a battle at Jackson, MS (November 1862). An argument for Richard (1)'s son Richard is that two two or more siblings often married two or more siblings. An argument for Joseph's son is that Richard's and Mary Ann's son Thomas J.appeared on the 1870 census with A. J. and Carroll Bradshaw, sons of Joseph.

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Notes and Citations

Note 1: The trip was probably over the Appalachian Mountains through the Cumberland Gap where Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee have a common corner. Daniel Boone is said to have been one of the earlier users of the trail through the Gap, which leads west through Kentucky. After Boone the Cumberland Gap trail became so popular that it was known as "the way west."

Note 2: 12 January 1858: deed from William F. Chilcutt to John W. Bradshaw for William's one-tenth share of 134 acres along Eagle Creek, left by Joshua Chilcutt. The wording of this deed implies that Joshua had ten heirs and also suggests that Elizabeth died about this time since the convention was to leave a large portion of the property in a widow's possession for her lifetime or widowhood.

Note 3: Elijah W. Moody was a brother of Isaac Newton "Newt" Moody, Sr, who also married a Chilcutt after the death of his first wife Jane McCuiston. Newt's second marriage was to Nancy E. P. Chilcutt, who was the widow of William Weldon. An Elijah W. Moody who lived in Wilson County, TN, is sometimes confused with this Elijah W., but the Wilson County Elijah was the nephew of Isaac N. and Elijah W.

Note 4: Tax List, 1894, Henry County, TN
Source: Henry County Archives, Weston Hall, E. W. Grove Campus, Paris, TN

Note 5: I am descended from the Bradshaws through Richard Bradshaw and wife Mary, who were among the original settlers of Henry County, and through Susannah Bradshaw and Henry Smith, also early settlers. link All I have found points to their being siblings. I have posted more about the Bradshaws

Note 6: Robert J. Green was tried for the murder of Manley Green Todd, the husband of his daughter Lillie.

Note 7: My only basis for concluding that the initials G and H were for Green Harris is that Isham Green Harris was a prominent Henry County attorney who became governor of Tennessee about 1860.


Birth Records

Death Records

Death of Mary Ann Chilcutt
Security for Joshua's Guardian Bond

Jesse Bradshaw
---} Mortgag Richard Bradshaw
Recorded Octr 29th 1860

I have this day bargained and sold and do herby transfer and convey to Richard Bradshaw for the consideration of five dollars to me paid in hand and the other considerations herein after mentioned one two year old mare & one mule and yoke of oxen and one barn of tobacco to have and to hold to the said Richard Bradshaw his heirs and assigns forever, but this conveyance is made upon the express condition that the said Richard Bradshaw is my security in guardian bond in the county of Henry to amount of some one hundred & fify dollars for the name(d missing) minor heirs to wit Martha & Mary - & Betsy - & Lucy & Richard & Joshua Bradshaw when the above debt is paid or the said Richard Bradshaw is discharged from bond for me then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in force forever. Given under my hand and seal this 27th day of October 1860

Jesse X Bradshaw
his mark