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I know that I am descended from Thomas L. Gore Sr, who was born in South Carolina and died in Henry County, Tennessee. His wife was Elizabeth Darnell, who was also born in SC but died in Franklin County, TN, where she and Thomas settled for several years before he proceeded westward after her death. Some members of the family remained in the region of Franklin, Moore, and, Lincoln Counties.

Based on evidence first found by Eddie Josey Wilson and later checked by me and Nena Dyer Tsitouris, it appears that Thomas Sr's parents were John Gore and Jane Dodd.(1) I must emphasize that documents I have seen very strongly suggest but do not prove John and Jane to be the parents of Thomas or Joshua. If you want to go directly to John Gore and Jane Dodd, click on them.

In these family pages, note the following:

(1) Nena descends from John Gore and Jane Dodd through Thomas L. Gore Sr, and she and I share ancestry down through Isaac Gore and Caroline Stagner. Isaac's and Caroline's daughters, Louisa "Lieu" and Mary married brothers, Tommy" and Joe Alexander. Eddie descends from John Gore and Jane Dodd through Joshua Gore Sr. Nena and Eddie participated in research leading to the reference below and were co-authors with the other researchers.

Gore Family

, Norma Anderson, Melanie Jean Barnett, Nena Dyer-Tsitouras, Eddie Josey-Wilson, published in The Gore Family Newsletter, Vol 12, January-February-March 2004, No. 1, edited by Jerry Goar, Costa Mesa, CA.