Elijah Newton Moody and Sarah Steele

Sarah Steele

Children of Elijah Newton Moody and Sarah Steele

  1. Elijah David Moody
  2. Mary F. Moody
  3. Timothy Carter Moody
  4. Martha Moody
  5. Olive "Ollie" Moody

Elijah Newton Moody

Marriage: 19 Sep 1860, Henry County, TN

Second marriage in Arkansas, but I have no further data

He was the oldest child living at home on 1860 census

CSA46thA.html has his Civil War data.

He used Elijah Steele as his name after move to AR. He lived in Lawrence County, AR, Reed's Creek township in 1870. The son Thomas M. on the 1870 census apparently changed his name to Timothy C.

Using the story passed down through the family and added to by her records research, Donna has written a brief tale about Elijah's and Sarah's family. She shared the tale with me, and, when -- or if -- I find it in my papers, I will add it to her history of the Moodys.

A bit I remember, which must be taken as hearsay since I didn't do the research myself and don't have her notes at hand, is that, after Elijah Newton's death, two of the children's uncles, Polk Moody and Polk Steele, traveled to Arkansas and brought the children back with them to Henry County. From then on, the children lived among the Mooody and Steele families there.

1870LawARp282a: Elijah Steele, 29 TN, Sarah, 30 TN, Elijah D., 10 TN, Mary F., 7 TN, Thomas M., 4 TN, Martha E., 1 TN, Olive T., 5 mo AR.