Elmina C. Moody and William A. Phillips

William A. Phillips

Marriage: 14 July 1890, Henry County, TN; William A. Phillips and Ella Moody

Second marriage to Olive Moody, Elmina's cousin

Elmina C. Moody

1870HnTNp465a: James A Moody, 36, Elizabeth Moody, 28, Elmina C., 9, Elizabeth J., 8, Wm T., 6, ? L., 5, E? Ada, 3, James C., 1

The grave stone of Elmina states that she died 1898. If so, it must have been early 1898 because William Andrew married Olive Moody July 1898.

The only child of Elmina and William Andrew Phillips was Vivian V. or V. Vivian, and I have not followed his life.