Frances Ann Moody and James W. Steel

Frances Ann Moody

Married James Steel 14 Oct 1857, Henry County, TN, J. C. Pfleuger, JP

Child of Frances Moody and James Steel

Nancy may have been the N. E. Steel who married W. J. Thurmond 28 December 1875 in Weakley County, TN (adjoining Henry County, TN). If so, her birth month was September, reported on the 1900 census in Gibson County, TN, as September 1856. Although the enumerator incorrectly listed her name as Mary E., this is the couple who married in 1875, and the 1910 census shows her name correctly as Nancy. I have given some citations but leave it to other researchers to investigate.

1900CensusGibsonTNp1: Will J. Thurmond, April 1856, Mary E.September 1856, Christopher C., December 1885, Virgil A., August 1887, Orbra, December 1891

1910CensusGibsonTNp17b: William J. Thurman, 42, Nancy E., 42, Virgil A., 21, Ivie, 17, daughhter-in-law

2The 1860 census, 1870 census, 1880 census, and James W.'s daughter Laura's death certificate place Frances's death between 1860 and the marriage of James W. and Hulda, probably in 1865.

James Steel

1850CensusCallowayKYp413a: D. C. Steel, 40, Caroline, 33, James W., 15, Elizabeth, 13, Sarah, 11, Mary, 7, Rebecca, 4, David, 3, Martha, a, James, 76

1860CensusHnTNp500: James Steele, 23, Frances Steel, 18, Nancy E. Steele, 2
James's parents and family, including sister Sarah are listed next. As with James and Frances, some names omit the e.

1870CensusHnTNp411a: Wesley J. Steel, 38, Matilda H., 213, Nancy J., 11, Laura D., 5, Sarah O., 2

Kentucky Death Certificate #4220, 11 March 1949, Calloway County, Kentucky, death 27 February 1949: Laura Davis Underwood, born 11 April 1866, Henry County, TN, parents James Wesley Steele and Hulda Steely, name of informant not legible for me

1The use or lack of a final e, has no significance for this family.

3I originally read the age as 24, but it is probably 21. Matilda H. appears to be identical with Hulda/Huldie on 1880 and later censuses, 31 in 1880, 47 in 1900, and 57 in 1910. The death certificate of Laura D. lists Hulda Steely (maiden name) as her mother.