Hiram Liberty Moody and Claricy Alabama Scarbrough

Claricy Alabama Scarbrough

Children of Hiram Liberty Moody and Claricy Alabama Scarbrough

  1. Carter Moody
  2. Luther Bedford Moody
  3. Elijah Bruce Moody
  4. Porter Jackson Moody
  5. Lillie S. Moody
  6. Stacker Taylor Moody
  7. Minnie Emily Moody

Hiram Liberty Moody

Married Clara Alabama Scarbrough: [H. L. Moody to C. A. Scarbrough, 19 Nov 1871, Henry County, TN, J. T. Owens, JP]

Birth date assumes the day and month of the death certificate were correct while the year cited by Hiram in the 1900 census is more likely to be correct.

Son Elijah Bruce Moody was born 1879 and died 1906, apparently never marrying.

Son Porter Jackson Moody was born 1883 and lived until 1951 but seems not to have married.

Daughter Lillie S. Moody was born in 1884 and died in 1933. She never married although people sometimes report her as marrying Otis Jackson, who was the first husband of her cousin, also named Lillie/Lilly Moody and about the same age.

Son Stacker Taylor Moody, who was usually known as Stacker T., was born in 1888 and died in 1945. Like his sister Lillie, he had a cousin of about the same age also named Stacker Taylor Moody. Stacker remained single throughout his life. He was a teacher, and my memory, which may be false, is that his gravestone has the title "professor."

Tennessee Death Certificate #5097, issued 26 March 1932, Henry Co.: death 25 March 1932, Hiram L. Moody, born 3 June 1850, parents Lige Moody and Nancy Wynn, informant P. J. Moody

1880HnTNp7 (193c printed): H. R. Moody, 28, C. A. (wife), 29, Carter, 7, L. B., 5, Bruce, 2 mo. Note: although listed as H. R., this entry must be for Hiram since all the other names, initials, and ages are correct or approximately so. Hiram's stepmother, Becka Moody, is listed next door.

1900HnTNp4: Hiram L. Moody, June 1851, Alabama, Nov 1849, 9 children, 7 living, Luther B., Nov 1874, Elijah B., Apr 1880, Jackson P., Aug 1882, Lillie S., Mar 1886, Stacker T., June 1888, Minnie E., May 1893 Note: Hiram and Alabama list themselves as married 34 years, likely an overestimate since it would mean he was only fourteen and she only sixteen.

1910HnTNp2a: Hiram L. Moody, 58, Clara A., 60, Porter J. 26, Lillie (an initial I can't deccipher), 24, Stacker T., 20
Next family belongs to Hiram's and Clara's son: Luther B., 35, Martha A., 34, Fred (seems to be same initial as Lillie's middle one), 8, Mirtle M., 6