John Moody and Cassander F. Allison

Fredric Saunders has done research on the Allison family and has posted results.

John Moody

Fredric Saunders has provided detailed information on John, who was his ancestor.

    Mr. Saunders has made an excellent case for John's being a brother to Isaac N. and Elijah W., and I will add these arguments.
  1. Elijah W. and wife Nancy Wynn named a daughter Cassandra, a rather uncommon name.
  2. John R.'s and his wife Cassandra Allison's son, William Mc. Moody, and Elijah W's and Nancy's son, Timothy B. Moody, married sisters, Elizabeth Key and Mary Minerva Key. [database on-line]. Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002
Original data: Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives

Of the children, grandchildren, etc. of John Moody and Cassander Allison, I will address only one child for whom I found records Mr Saunders didn't have while I was doing research in the Henry Co., TN, archives and records: William Mc. (probably McCuiston) Moody. Although I suspected strongly that there was a relationship to my Moodys, I could not identify William Mc before discovering the results of Fredric Saunders's research. For a more thorough discussion of the John Moody branch, refer to Mr. Saunders's data on John's family.