Nancy Jane Moody and William H. Bucy

Nancy Jane Moody

Married William H. Bucy [Nancy J. Moody, maiden, 21, to W. H. Bucy, 28, single, 15 Aug 1852]
[Nancy J. Moody and William Busey, 12 Aug 1852]
Possibly the license was obtained in Henry Co., TN, and the marriage took place in Calloway Co., KY.]

Children of Nancy Moody and William Bucy

  1. Martha A.1
  2. Thomas L.
  3. Samuel
  4. Ella
  5. William J.
Since there were so many marriages between the Moodys and the Olivers and the Chilcutts and the Olivers, I considered it likely that daughter Martha A. was the Molly A. Bucy who married Ben Oliver in Marshall County, KY (adjoining Calloway County), and did some digging. A Michigan death certificate issued in Oakland County, #263 1070, lists her death 30 September 1935 and gives her intended burial site as Hazel, KY, and the names of her parents as James A. Bucy and Nancy Champion.

William Bucy

Second spouse: married Elizabeth Bucy1 14 Jan 1866 after Nancy's death

1860CensusCallowayKYp343: Wm H. Bucy, 31, Nancy J., 25, Martha A., 6, Thos L., 4, Samuel, 1 1870Call48a: William H Bucy 43 Elizabeth Bucy 32 Martha A Bucy 18 Thomas L Bucy 12 Samuel Bucy 10 Ella Bucy 10 William J Bucy 8 1880Callp632d W. H. Bucy 53 Elizabeth Bucy 37 M. A. Bucy 23 T. L. Bucy 21 Samuel Bucy 19 Ella Bucy 19 Wm. I. Bucy 18 Ida S. Bucy 13 G. G. Bucy 11 E. H. Bucy 8 Alice Bucy 6 Joanna Bucy 4 1900Cap1 Martha A. not in family; only W & E's 2 youngest 1My research on the McCuiston family leads me to believe that she was born Elizabeth McCuiston, daughter of William McCuiston and Cinthia McCuiston (cousins) and that she had previously been married to Bartlett Bucy.