Leonidas Polk Moody and Sarah Caroline Bennett

Sarah Caroline Bennett

1860HnTNp502: Gabriul, 59 NC, Elizabeth, 54 KY, Robert A., 24, Martha, 20, Sarah, 18, Thomas, 15, Felix, 13 (all TN)

Children of Polk Moody and Sarah Caroline Bennett

  1. Arthur
  2. Luna A.
  3. Leonidas Noah
  4. E. A. (fem)
  5. L. D. (male)
  6. Thomas L.
  7. E. G (male)

Leonidas Polk Moody, known as Polk

Married Sarah Caroline Bennett [L. P. Moody to Sarah C. Bennett, 26 October 1866, G. F. Thompson, JP]

I read the dates of birth and death inscribed on the gravestone from a photograph.

Leonidas P. Moody Company F. Enlisted September 20, 1863 at Paris, TN, by Capt. Wilson for 3 years. Absent on roll for Mar/April 1864, "Wounded at Ft. Pillow Apl. 12". Present on roll for May/June 1864. Oath of allegiance at Nashville, TN, May 19, 1865; described as resident of Henry Co., TN, fair complexion, dark hair, grey eyes, 6 ft.; surrendered at Ft. Donelson, TN, May 14, 1865.

On report of absentees and deserters, Verona MS, Feb. 28, 1865. Residence Henry Co. TN; probable whereabouts Henry. Took leave after the Johnsonville Raid, and had difficulty returning to his unit (as described in the entry for T.J. Bennett [below]). JFA: T. J. Bennett was apparently his brother in law.

After the Johnsonville Raid, (Thomas Jefferson) Bennett was granted leave. The regiment moved south, he was unable to rejoin Forrest, and was told by Capt. Clark to return home until he could make his way south safely. Bennett and a fellow soldier, L.P. Moody, again tried to return to their commands a short time later. They got as far as Jackson, TN, and were once more sent home by Capt. Clark because of the large number of Federal Troops in Tennessee. The History of the Henry County Commands says that Bennett was "present at the surrender", however family oral history says that Bennett was unable to return before the surrender. His wife was able to receive her Confederate Pension after a certified letter from a fellow soldier, D. C. Crouch, was submitted to the pension board attesting to his honorable service.
Source: Compiled Service Records, William Russell

1870HnTNp460A: L. P. Moody, 25, Sarah, 25, Arthur, 2

1880CallowayKYp632: L. P. Moody, 34, TN, S. C., 37, TN, Arthur, 12, TN, L. A., fem, 9, TN, E. A., fem, 7, TN, L. D., m, 6, TN, Thos. L., 2, E. G., m, 9 mo, KY Note: the enumerator lists the children's mother as born in KY, but she gives TN as her birth state.

1900CaKYp1a (printed 196): Leonadas Moody, Aug 1845, Sarah, Aug 1843, 6 ch, 6 living, Thos L., Nov 1877, Eliga G., Sept 1879
A few families down on the same page: Leonadas N., Sept 1893, Renna A., Feb 1897, 2 ch, 2 living, Ashley N., m, July 1898, Hallie O., Oct 1899