Thankful Adeline Moody and Samuel Bailey

Thankful Adeline Moody

Children of Thankful Moody and Samuel Bailey

  1. Charles Bailey
  2. E. F. Bailey (male)
  3. Cora Bailey

Cemetery east of Buchanan off Hiway 140, about 1.5 miles north of Swor's Mill: gravestone birth date 4 June 1847

Moody bible date used for birth date

1920HnTNp1b: Robert L. Pflueger, 32, Cora V., 31, Chester G., 6, Noris R., 2 & 6mo, T. A. Bailey (wid), m-i-l2

Tennessee Death Certificate #27016, no filing date, Henry Co., death 27 December 1927, Thankful A. Bailey, born 4 June 1847, Henry Co., parents E. Moody and Nancy Wynn, informant C. D. Bailey

2Although it is probably apparent from the census record that T. A. was Thankful Adaline, Cora Bailey married Robert Lenard Pflueger 14 August 1910, D. W. Thompson, JP

Samuel Bailey

1860CaKYp228: Wm C Baily, 35, Tabitha, 29, Sam, 9, Assillee or Azillee (f), 6, Wm. H., 3, Sally B., 11 mo

1870CaKYp49a: William H.? Baly, Emily, 27, Martha J., 10, Lee, 8, John W., 5, Samuel, 19, Henry W., 121

1880HnTNp192B: Samuel Bayly, 39, T. A. (wife), 33, C. D., 3, E. F., 4 mo, born 11 January 1879, O. T. Moody (niece), 7 or 9 O. T. must be Ollie, the child of Elijah Newton because of her birth in AR.

1900HnTNp12 (printed 225): Samuel Bailey, Jan 1851, Adaline, June 1846, Cora, May 1888

1910HnTNp1a (printed 27xa): Samuel Bailey, 59, couple married 36 y, Thankful A., 62, 3 children, 3 living, Cora, 21

1This is probably not the same family, although its Sam and Henry W. are about the correct age. (Note that the death certificate for William Henry Bailey certainly gives his birth year incorrectly.) This family does not include Assilee/Azillee, and she lived to marry in 1874. I know nothing of her after that.