Thomas Moody and Mary (probably) Witty

Thomas Moody

Data on page with Jean McCuiston. Other spouse: Jean McCuiston

Mary (Witty?)

Other spouse: Robert Scott (not certain)

Children of Thomas Moody and Mary (Witty?)

  1. Mary Moody
  2. Thomas L. Moody
  3. Elizabeth

Early genealogists believed the maiden name could have been McCuiston. Name may not have been either McCuiston or Witty, but Frederic Saunders has provided good circumstantial evidence for Witty.

A death date of 1794 is resonable for her since August 1794 is the date the two younger children Thomas L. and Elizabeth either chose a guardian (Thomas to James McCuiston) or had a guardian appointed (Elizabeth, about 14 to Ann Moody McCuiston, her half-sister). The will of their step-father, Robert Scott, had been probated in 1791.