Thomas Moody and Jean McCuiston

Jean McCuiston

Children of Thomas and Jean

  1. Ann Moody
  2. Jean
  3. Sarah
  4. Eliner
  5. Mary
  6. Alexander Moody

Was this woman a daughter of Thomas and Jean or related in some way?
Bride: Nancy Moody
Groom: Thomas McMichell
Bond Date: 28 Jan 1801
County: Guilford
Record #: 02 287
Bondsman: Aaron Jones
Bond #: 000057689


Before beginning on my history of the Moodys, one should read Donna (Lewis) Moody's history. Several records were very difficult to obtain at the time she completed her study, but she and I discussed the now-available records, and she agreed to the notes that I have included with her text.

At an advanced age, Thomas Moody apparently participated in the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Follow the "Documents" link at the left to see the records.

Report on LDS site to be checked out: 03 Nov 1802, a Thomas Moody was in Newton Of, Aghadowey, Londonderry, Ireland. This man could not be our Thomas (who would have been 90+ at that time and not only already in US but deceased), but he may possibly have been a relative.