Thomas L. Moody and Thankful McCuiston

Thankful McCuiston

Thomas L. Moody

Marriage to Thankful McCuiston: 3 Nov 1802, Guilford Co., NC

From Fredric Saunders (only partially verified by JFA): "Thomas L. MOODY was the bondsman on 1 July 1829 in Shelby Co., TN for the marriage of Joseph IVANS and Mariah ROBERTSON, and on 26 July 1830 for William CARTER and Elizabeth LOVELL. Thomas L. MOODY secondly married in Shelby Co., TN to Nelly HANNAH, having a marriage bond there on 5 March 1830, with the J.P.'s return that they married 9 June. His signature on the three Shelby Co., TN bonds is an exact match for his signature on an 1821 bastardy bond of Samuel THOMPSON in Guilford Co., NC where Thomas L. MOODY was his security, and in Guilford County for the 1827 marriages of Isaac N. MOODY (his son) to Jane McCUISTION and Elvis GRESHAM to Fanny JUSTICE, where he signed as bondsman."

1810GuNCp302: 20010 // 10001 (same page as Elijah Witty (Jr?)

1820GuNCp84: 010010 // 31110 Almost certainly our Thomas L. (only one son in family)

1820StTNp122: Our Thomas Moody? Very unlikely.

1830 ShelbyTN: T.L. Moody, 50-60, 2 females in household; one would be second wife if Mr. Saunders is correct.