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Thomas Moody was born in Ireland in the early years of the 18th century and came to the American colonies, probably with the McCuiston family around 1735. Although they first settled in the region where PA, MD, and CT join, they moved to NC after a few years, well before the American Revolution.

The search function on this page works for the Moody lines covered here. Additional people have been addressed by Donna (Lewis) Moody and by Fredric Z. Saunder. Click in the menu on the left to go to Fredric's work. I have not yet posted Donna's work, but I will do so soon since she has told me she is willing for it to be shared.

I have not included my chart showing YDNA results for the Moody project since Fredric has provided a chart and has presented his analysis, but my statistical analysis leads to conclusions agreeing with Fredric on relationships. John Moody, #61 on the YDNA chart, almost certainly does not have a common male Moody ancestor with another listed Moody for at least a millenium, the common male Moody of all the others likely lived around 1500. The Toler man could be male-line related to #61 or to the others or to neither.

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