Lenora Alice (Tucker) and John A. Scarbrough


Her Parents: Robert Tucker and Nancy M. Garrison

His parents: John W. Scarbrough and Emily Chilcutt

Alice was born in August of 1853, 1854, or 1855 in Stewart County, TN. She died 25 February 1937. MO Death Certificate #9020 gives her birth date as 11/9/1863 (year definitely incorrect, probably by ten years); lived in Sandywoods 45 years. Widow of Jeff. Born Stewart Co., TN, father Robert Tucker, mother Nancy M. Garrison, b. NC. Informant Fannye L. (looks more like C.) Scarbrough

Alice was married second to Jeff Smith.

Alice married John 6 February 1873 in Henry County, TN. John was the son of John W. Scarbrough and Emily Chilcutt. JFA NOTE: Jeff Smith may or may not have been related to John Scarbrough, but the two families were definitely related.

Marriage of Alice's parents: Robert Tucker to Nancy M. Garrison. Marriage 25 January 1854, Stewart Co., TN, Marriages of Stewart Co,TN 1838-1866, p. 35.

I have little data on Alice's son John, but the cemetery information for J. E. is probably for him. These Scarbroughs are listed as buried in the Blodgett City Cemetery. VIRGINIA 1/21/1875 2/23/1907 (William's first wife, Virgie Burton) NETTIE L 9/5/1881 12/15/1885 (Unknown) J E 12/28/1878 3/13/1903 (Unknown unless J. E. is really John C.; dates agree with dates I know for him.) WM. A 10/22/1873 3/13/1956 FANNIE LEE 12/27/1893 3/30/1943

1860StTNp463b: Robert, 30, TN, Nancy, 27 TN, Leonora, 6 TN, Milliard 2 TN, William 1 TN, Elizabeth, 66 NC Indexed as Robert Sutker. Is Elizabeth Robert's mother or Nancy's mother? Elizabeth Garrison reportedly died 1856, but I have not verified.

1870HnTNp412b: Nancy Tucker, 35, L. A., 16, Wm, 12, Elizabeth, 10, all born TN

1880HnTNp192b: William Scarbrough is 6 y.o. with Moses Oliver's family as grandson. Mother Alice Scarbrough, widow, 25, is listed as Moses's step daughter in law. Moses's wife is N. M., age 47 (or possibly 42). JFA NOTE: N. M. could not be John Scarbrough's mother but is Alice's mother Nancy M. Tucker instead. I found that Moses married Nancy M. Tucker August 19, 1877, with our gg-gf Sam(uel) Smith as bondsman, and John E. Alexander as the marrying J.P. Sam Smith had also served as bondsman for Moses's marriage to Nancy Ann Lax in 1871, John M. Chilcutt, JP.

1900ScMOp108b: J. D., June 1861, Lonora A., Aug 1855, Aurthur, Dec 1886, Bob, Oct 1888, James, June 1891, Elbert, May 1893; 20, 4 children / 4 living. (4/4 is obviously incorrect because Alice had parented 8 children, all still living in 1900). A. J. Williams family next door (apparently May's parents)

1910ScMOp218a: has J. D. 48, Alice 54 (6/6 ), sons William 31, Charlie 26, Arthur 23, Robert 21 or 22, James 18, and Albert 17, all listed as single. William must be William Scarbrough, who was definitely married; Alice's son Lee M. was already dead, and her son John C. might have been also. I believe that the other adult sons were probably not living in family either. See Arthur.

1920StClILp6b: Alice, 65 (wid), TN/TN/TN, Arthur (wid), 31, TN/TN/TN, Bob, 28, MO, James, 27, MO, Albert, 24, MO, Fred, grson, 9 y?, 1 mo, IL/TN/AR (Lived on Piggot Ave, E St Louis; the draft card for Charles Davis Smith in Cape Girardeau, MO, listed nearest relative as Alice Smith, Piggot St., E. St L)

1930: Alice living with son William Scarbrough as widow; see William.