Lillie Moody

Odus Jackson
Andrew Francis Johns

Her parents were Susan Elizabeth "Betty" Smith and Isaac Newton Moody, Jr.

Odus's parents were Robert Jackson and.

Andrew's parents were Evan(s) R. Johns and Lavinia Tennessee "Tennie" Edwards.

Lillie was born 20 June 1886 in Henry County, TN, and died 4 November 1943 in Henry County.

Lillie married twice, first to Odus Jackson, who died very young, and, second, to Andrew Francis Johns. I have very little information about Odus, but Andrew lived with my family several years after Lillie's death.

Lillie and Andrew had no children but helped raise Louise and Connie Moody, daughter and son of Lillie's brother Stacker Taylor Moody, known as Taylor, after Taylor and his wife Lula Dell Bradshaw died at almost the same time during the 1918-1919 flu pandemic.

Lillie's gravestone states that she died in 1946, but that year is not correct.

Andrew and his brother Charlie lived in Scott County, MO in 1900. They boarded with George F. and Myrtle (Hopkins) Cox. (1900ScMOp113a). William A. Scarbrough signed for the marriage of Myrtle, who was under 18 when they married 19 February 1899. (MO marriage records)