Mary Smith and Dennis Buchanan


Birth dates from 1900 federal census, death certificates, or grave stones (

Although some sources list John Buchanan, Martha Buchanan, and George Samuel Buchanan as Mary's children, the death certificate (MO Cert. #14201, Carter Co., 1941) of George, the youngest of the three, states that his parents were Samuel Buchanan and Polly Brame. The mother of Jessie Davis was Mary according to his descendants and according to his death certificate (MO Cert #10626, Carter Co., 1944), but, if so, his birth date of 29 Aug 1860 as stated on the certificate must be incorrect by a year. Most early censuses imply a birth year of not earlier than 1861.

Her Parents: Henry and Susanna Smith

Mary was born between 1830 and 1834 in Henry County, TN. In 1860, she was in her mother's household in Carter County, MO.

1860CaMOp942: Susannah, listed as Susan, age given as 75, (unlikely since daughter Elizabeth was only 21, and three children after age 50 almost never occurred at that time). Mary, 25, Ann, 23, Martha Housden, 31, and Martha's children Mary, 8, and William P., 2, were also in family.

Samuel Buchanan's first wife was a Brame, and interestingly, two Brame households, one with young parents, the other couple old enough to be the parents of the young HOH, were close neighbors of Mary's Smith family.

MO Death Certificate #14201, filed 28 Apr 1941, Carter Co., MO. Information by Henry Buchanan

MO Death Certificate #10626, filed 12 Mar 1944, Carter Co., MO. Information by Hassie Price.