Victoria Moody and Bruce Freeman


Her parents were Susan Elizabeth "Betty" Smith and Isaac Newton Moody, Jr.
His parents were George Freeman and Eugenia Wade.

Victoria Moody was born 9 January 1894 in Henry County, TN, and died 26 May 1922 in Henry County. Bruce was born in 1899 and died in 1919 or 1920.

(The following is from the memories of Louise Moody Alexander amd Eugenia Freeman McCollough.)

Bruce Freeman died of influenza in a western state in 1918, 1919, or 1920, with 1920 most probable. Bruce worked in a factory where there were several casualties from flu. He worked Friday, got sick that day, went to the hospital, and died on Sunday. [JFA Note: a Pennsylvania death certificate (#24618) lists that state as the place of death.]

Victoria and the children moved back to Henry County after Bruce died. They came on a train and traveled by car to reach Andrew and Lillie Johns's farm, but the car couldn't make it because of mud, and Andrew had to transport them the rest of the way on a wagon pulled by a team of mules. Victoria was already sick with tuberculosis when they returned to Tennessee and couldn't breathe well inside the house. She spent most of her time, including sleep time, on a screened porch.

Bruce had asked his sister, Ruth Jones, to take the children if both parents died, which she did, and she and her husband raised them. My mother, Louise, often mentioned the two children, Eugenia, who married John McCollough, and George, who died in his twenties without marrying. Louise visited Eugenia visited at her home near Hermitage, TN, in their later years.