William and Julianna (Loving) Smith


His parents: Henry Smith and Susanna Bradshaw
Her parents: William and Holly Loving

William was born about 1823 in TN, probably Henry County.

Julianna was born about 1824 or 1825, in TN, probably in Henry County. Her parents were William, b. VA 1800/1801, and Holly, b. SC 1809/1810 (1850 Census, in Civil District 18)

William and Julianna married 14 April 1844 in Henry County, TN. (Colby Randle, JP)

By 1860, they were in MO. (1860CaMOp442) Ca= Carter County

The only additional data I have on the children are: (1)William Henry apparently married Lula Myers 30 May 1878 in Ripley Co., MO (MO Marriage records),and (2)Urvin's birth date came from the 1900 census.