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(?????). Completely ILLEGIBLE
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Abner Alexander and Jemima Sharp was Married December the 1 day 1803

Abner Alexander an Margaret Cummins was Married March 27 day 1828

2Katherine Lemyre Alexander and Joseph Dickson was married the 7th day September 1829

3John M Alexander was married to Julia F McAdow 13th of Oct 1836

4Esther A Alexander and Thomas K Leech was married Novb 2nd 1836

5James H Alexander and Martha ?????? was married February 21st AD 1860


1This is possibly Abnerís family Bible as both of his marriages and the other marriages entered are of his children, except for Ezekiel and Mark.
2Daughter of Abner and Jemima (Sharp) Alexander. Middle name is hard to read
3John McKnitt Alexander, son of Abner and Jemima Alexander. He resettled to Bastrop Co TX in the 1853
4Youngest child of Abner and Jemima
5Only child of Abner and Margaret Cummins

The DAR Library Patriot Folder for Ezekiel Alexander has copies of 4 Bible pages from 3 Bibles. Sheets 1 & 2 seem to be from a Bible belonging to James Alexander b ~1695, as children from both marriages are listed. It must have then gone to his son Ezekiel b 1754 and then his grandson son Mark (skipping Abner). The title page for this Bible is not in the DAR Library, but a copy is in my possession as are other copies of the 2 sheets in the Patriot Folder. It was printed in Dublin in 1739. There is also a Marriage page probably belonging to Abner Alexanderís Bible and this sheet appears to be from the John McKnitt Alexander (1853) family Bible who lived in Bastrop County, Texas. Also in the folder is a large (20x20) hand-drawn family tree of James Alexander b ~1695 and wives Margaret McKnitt and Abigail ?McKnitt?. This tree includes some maiden names & covers 4-5 generations and has since been moved to the map drawers of the DAR Library. The numbers identifying Bible pages were assigned by K Wykoff strictly for ID purposes.

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