Catherine Alexander's Will, 1775

This abstract of Catherine Alexander's will was contributed by David Moore, who transcribed it. This Catherine was married to Theophilus.


. . . to my daughter Sophia Sharp, forty shillings & £4 to each of her two eldest daughters Arimenta and Levina; my other six children: Joseph Alexander, Margaret Cannon, Ann Cannon, Lezia [i.e., Keziah] Young, George Alexander & Catherine Sharp; son Joseph Alexander and brother-in-law John McKnitt Alexander, executors.

20 July 1775                                       Catherine (C) Alexander (Seal)
Wit: Jno Patterson        Sarah Thompson         Jno McK. Alexander, jurate
Probated April 1778                            C. R. 065.801.10


The signpost erected by the state of South Carolina at Bullock Creek Presbyterian Church in York County reads:
1)“Under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Alexander, pastor 1774-1801, this church, organized in 1769, was a Whig stronghold during the Revolution. Three hundred yards west is the site of one of the earliest academies in upper South Carolina, established in 1787 by Dr. Alexander. One and one-half miles southwest is the site of Dr. Alexander’s home, used as a hospital during the American Revolution.”

[the Dr. Joseph Alexander mentioned (1735-1809) was the eldest son of Theophilus and Catherine Wallace Alexander, former pastor of Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Church and one of the founders of Queens College in Charlotte NC; this sign is written all in capital letters]