Birth And Marriage Data From James's And Rhoda's Bible

My Transcription: I may have mistaken some dates-- Author's note


James Alexander was born December 15, AD 1756

Rhoda Alexander was born October 15, AD 1763

John C. Alexander was born March 22, AD 1783

Rhoda Alexander (I believe the word may be Jnr) was born November 6, AD 1785

William D. Alexander (some word) was born January 28th, AD 1788

George C. Alexander was born September 10th, AD 1790

James M. Alexander was born May 12th, AD 1793

Robert S. Alexander was born September 2nd, AD (A may be missing) 1795

Rachel Alexander was born December 30th, AD 1799

William D. Alexander was born December 10th, AD 1800

Humphrey N. Alexander was born June 11th, AD 1804

Elizabeth Alexander was born April 10th, AD 1806


James Alexander and Rhoda Cunningham was married March 19th, AD 1782

John Alexander and Jane Patton was married December 31st, AD 1808 (could be 1805)

James M. Alexander and Nancy Forster was married September 8th, AD 1814

George C. Alexander and Elizabeth Forster was married June 23rd, AD 1818

Robert S. Alexander and Jane Wilson was married May 25, AD 1820

Moses White and Rachel Alexander was married December 2nd, 1824

William D. Alexander and Leah Burgin was married April the 21, 1825

Humphrey N. Alexander and Polly Forster was married December th 26th, 1826

Edward For (marked through)

Edward Forster and ( ) Forster (marked through

(Some word above; may be 'and' inserted) Joseph A. McEntire Elizabeth Alexander was married the 9th (unsure of 9) of January, 1832