Evidence that John Siddal's Wife Was Not Abigail Mattern

The dates refer to the old calendar used in England and the American colonies before 1751. The year began with March, and the Quakers refused to use the name referring to the Roman god, calling calling March, April, May, and so on, month 1, month 2, month 3, etc. To translate to the current system requires adding fourteen days, meaning 6th day, month 6, would be 20 August, but 17th day, month 9, would be 1 December.

Birth of Martha, daughter of John Siddale and Abigail, his wife: Martha's birth second in 1696 list

Marriage of Abigail Mattern and John Bettle: about halfway down second paragraph, 1698

Marriage of Abigail Mattern and John Bettle Will: Abigail Mattern deceased before April 1715; ". . . silver cup and spoon that were her mother's. . . ."