Our Immigrant Ancestors,

Without further records, there is no certainty whether Henry Siddel or John Siddel was the father of James; however, everything points to John as our ancestor.

Early Chester County Arrivals (1684): Chester County, PA, Passengers on the Ship Vine

The format of the date suggests that the author of the original document from which this transcription was copied belonged to the Quaker society of early Pennsylvania. The 7th month translates in the current system to September, and, since the document was written before 1751, fourteen days should be added to the day of the month, making the date 1 October 1684. Note by JFA

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The Vine 7th month, 17, 1684, William Preeson, master

Thomas Armes

Henry and Margaret Baker and children: Rachell, Rebecca, Phebe, Hester, Nathan and Samuel

John Ball

Rebecca Barrow

Mary Becket

Deborah Boothe

Thomas Canby

John Cowp

David Davis

Alexander and Margaret Edwards and children: Margaret, Martha, Alexander and Thomas

Edward Edwards

Lowry Edwards

Jane Evans (widow) and children: Sarah, Mary, Alice, Eliza and Joseph

Joseph Ferror

Thomas Fisher

Susan Griffith

Elinor Hall

Martha Hall

Mary Hall

Rebecca Hall

Thomas Harrison

Daniel Harris (Harry)

Hugh Harris (Harry)

Wiliam and Eliza Hatton

Charles Hues

Joseph Hurst

Ane Jones and daughter Ane

Rees and Hannah Jones and children Richard, Evan and Lowry

Joshua Lort

Robert Lort

Ann Owen

Griffith and Sarah Owen and children: Robert, Sarah and Elinor

Katherine Owen

Robert and Jeane Owen and son Lewis

Lawrence Parker

Rees and Ann Prees and children: Mary, Sarah, Phebe, Richard and John

John and Susan Richards and children: Hannah and Bridget

Henry Siddell

John Siddell

Elizabeth Stedman and children: Sarah, and Joseph

John Stedman

Katherine Tidey and daughter Mary

Richard and Margaret Turner and daughter Rebecca

James Yates

Jeanne, Bridget and Elizabeth Wat ==================================================

Another Record of Arrival