Jesse Siddall, Son of John and Hester

Jesse served in the Virginia army or militia during the Revolutionary War. He was a sergeant 1n 1777, and the log shows that he was absent for one week in October of that year. There is no mention of his being away without leave or having deserted.

The two offspring mentioned in the will were Rebecca, married to Nathaniel Shotwell with a son named Jesse Shotwell plus two other unnamed children, and an unnamed daughter married to Richard Head, who was deceased by 1828. The daughter was probably also deceased since her name was not mentioned. Although Richard Head's children are not provided names in the will, one of the daughters was probably Clarissa Head, who married Reuben Landrum in 1807 in Edgefield District, SC, according to, South Carolina Compiled Marriage Index, 1641-1965.

The will was written and witnessed 22 April 1822, and Jesse had apparently died by 21 July 1828 when the will was proved ad recorded on page 375 of Will Book A of Anderson District, South Carolina.