Buyers and Attendees at Job Siddle Sale

Note that Patsy Siddall's name is not on this list. Since she was between 10 and 15 in August 1820, she was likely too young.

Brittan Barnes (unsure of my translation) | Number of items bought
Rich'd Stone? ||
Randolph Britt |||||
James Alexander || (JFA note: Esther's husband)
Thos Mathews |
Andrew Thompson |
David Lollach? |
Charles Roberts |
John Stone |
Samuel Siddall |
James Byrne? |||||
Peter Wynn |
Bazel Rose |
Lydia Siddall |||
Samuel Siddall ||||| |
Josiah *yde |
Wm Fuller
Archibald Marshal
Joshua Siddall ||||| |
James Eddings
Wm Murry?
Nancy Siddall ||||
James C Alexander ||||| || (JFA note: Judith's husband, my ancestor)
Matthew Alexander || (JFA note: Father of James, Robert, and probably William; he had a brother and a son named William.)
Sally Siddall ||||| ||||
Ovel Rose
John Watkins
Robert Alexander | (JFA note: brother of James Alexander)
Alexander B Porter
Richard Qualls
Thompson Porter
Joel Vaughan
Robt Draughan
Thomas Cox
Gabriel Martin
Jacob Miles
Robertson Stratton
William Alexander (JFA note: probably James's brother, but possibly James C's father)
H Damewood
Alfred Ray
Alexr Miles
Nancy Siddall
Joseph Fi?er(s)/Thi?er(s)
William Hubbard
John (Rose or Ross)
Elijah Henly (JFA note: I believe this is the man who later married Elizabeth "Betsy" Siddaall
Alexander Guinn
Abner Qualls
Betsey Siddall