Index to Siddle Documents

Although the family spelled the surname as Siddell, Siddall, Siddle, and other variations, I will use Siddle except when referring to documents where some other spelling is used, perhaps not even consisently. Anyone referring to my data may use the surame spelling of her or his choice. Please do not use my data without also including the documentation to support the data.

Siddle Immigrants

Abigail was not Mattern

James Siddol and Sarah Bolton Marriage

Isaac Siddall and Rebecca Sysom

Sarah Bolton's Birth and Abstract of her mother Sarah's will ,

John Siddall and Hester Belford Marriage

John Siddall's Will

Married daughters mentioned in John Siddall's will

Stephen Siddle

Jesse Siddle

Job Siddle in NC and TN

Job Siddle's Will

Job Siddle's Sale

Ira Siddle