Bible Records from Thomas L. Gore/Isaac D. Gore

Spelling is as in the original if legible; notes are in parentheses.

Page 677

Top: S C Gore was bornd 3 of January 1826

Left Column

Jonathan Gore and Loueasey were married December 3rd 1829
I D Gore and S C Gore the a Stagner was married the 3 of July (apparently meant as "then a Stagner") 1848 (Name was Sarah Caroline Stagner, the second wife, JFA's gg-gm, and the year was 1849 according to Henry County records.)
Sarah Gore born 19 of August 1816 (Isaac's first wife, Sarah Alexander)
Sarah Gore was bornd August the 16 1816

(A child s scribbling): Mary (probably Marg for Margaret, the child's mother) Walls (plus Ms and something indecipherable Margaret Wall was Isaac's third wife.)

Right Column

Isaac d Gore was Married to Mrs. Sarah Alexander on the 14 of June 1838
Eli jane was bornd the 18 of April 184_ (named as Eliza Jain with the rest of the year elsewhere)
Richard J Gore was bornd the 30 of August 1845
Benjamin F Gore was bornd the 5 of January 1847
Joshua T G Gore was bornd the 17 of April 1850

(At the bottom, someone has subtracted 1815 from 1951 to get 136 years. Why?)

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Page 678

Left Column

Margaret Gore was born the 22nd of Sept 1794
Susannah Gore was born August the 10th 1796
Lydia Gore was born the 29th 1798 August
Joshua Gore was born June the 28 1801
Jonathan Gore was born August the 14th 1805
Elizabeth Gore the dautor of Jonathan and Loueasay Gore was bourn November 14th 1830
George Gore was bourn 25 January 1832 (also a child of Jonathan and Loueasay)
Mary Gore was bourn May 30th 1834 (J.'s & L.'s child)

Right Column

Samuel Gore was born 15th of March in 1836 (J's & L's child)
John Gore was born the 28 of September 1838 (J's and L's child)
Isaac D Gore was born the 8 of January 1820

(Both columns have writing by Ewing Randolph, Isaac's next-to- youngest child. I can read "Ran" twice, "his handwriting," a date, and perhaps "Isaac." A lot of the entries on this page appear to be in Ran's writing.)

Benjamin F Gore was bornd January the 5 1847
Eliza Jain was bornd the 18 1844
Isaac N Gore was bornd the 15 of July 185_ (appears to be and must be "1851" because of Sarah Caroline's birth on the same day)
Sarah Carolina Gore was bornd the 15 of July 1851

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Page 679

(I can't read the writing at the top of the page.)

Left Column

William T Gore was born the 12 of April 1839
James M Gore was born the 31 of August 1840
Jonithen P Gore was born the 13 of May 1843
Eliza Jane was bornd April the 18 1844 (This entry and the rest of this column was probably by Ran or one of the other children.)
Richard J Gore was bornd August 30 1845
Louisa Isabell Gore was bornd the 11 January 1853

Right Column

Margaret Huff deceased August 1822
Marget Huff (probably Ran's or the youngest child Horace's writing)
John Gore deceased the 6th of October 1828
Elizabeth Gore deceased September the 20th 1829
Elijah McClure deceased January the 1st 1836
Sarah Gore deceast December the 25 1848 (This is Isaac's first wife.)
Thomas Gore Sein (Senior?) Deceased March the 10 1850 (This last entry was made by a child, I believe, and possibly the one before was also although the handwriting is different.)

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Page 680

Left Column

Thomas Gore died March 10th 1850
Elizabeth Gore died September 20th 1829
Jonathan Gore died November 14th 1843 (I once believed that this was Isaac's son Jonathan because there are no further records of him, but it appears that Isaac's brother Jonathan died at this time.)
Jane McClure died January 22nd 1846

(Horace's writing - "The bible is called a testament. This is my bible. I was born on March. I am nine old this March 1884." The date and age would have been correct for Horace.)

Right Column

Thomas Gore born Jnr (Junior) May 28th 1816
Isaac Darnell Gore born January 8th 1818 1819 1819

(More child s scribbling)

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Top of first page

Mary Gore now Stephen was born December 12th 1813 - so says Susannah our oldest sister (This entry would have been made after 1829 when the mother died, and Margaret, the oldest, was also dead then. It may even have been made after Thomas died in 1850.)

Two blank pages of Bible

All the following a child's writing?

Mary Gore She married Joe Alexander. She is not well She is so sick she has not ben cence (since) the ??? year ???. (This was Isaac's daughter Mary not his sister Mary. Mary and Joseph married in February 1876. Joseph was previously married to Queen Victoria, a much-younger sisterof Isaac's second wife Sarah Caroline Stagner)

Mary Gore

Franklin Thomason
(Part of address?)
Dallas Tex

Last page
(I can decipher nothing on the first line; on the second "(dal marked out?)Dallas Texas 1884 dear?"; on the third and fourth "brother sister ??? i will u ???.")

(This record shows that Eliza Jane Gore and George Thomason were in Texas by 1884. Franklin Thomason was their son.)