Data From Records Of Probate Hearing For Thomas, Declared a Lunatice

There are 67 pages plus cover pages. I have extracted the information in this document. -- Author's note

Wills (2) - 1851 and 1854
Inventory & sale - 1855
Notice to take depositions - 1855 (6)
Petition filed for lunacy - 1851
Bond - 1854
Circuit Court, Isaac Ivy, Ex et al vs William M. Alexander, Order of Verdict - 1855

Children listed were:
John D. Alexander (also referred to as Davidson Alexander, Perry Co., TN) Peggy Hutchinson
Rachael Wade
Mariah Bridges
Jane Inman
Alfred Alexander
Ruth Kelly
William M. Alexander

From "Chancery Court at Nashville"

Proceedings held in said court in the cause of Nicholas Wright, guardian &c? of Thomas Alexander vs William Alexander & others


Bill filed May 2, 1853 S-- & copy issued to Davidson County May 2 1853. S-- & copy issued to Perry County May 2 1853 Sp-? and copy iss'd to Wmson Cty May 2, 1853. Publication made June 3, 1853. Sp_ to Williamson executed August 19, 1853. Sp- executed on Sarah Wade June 10 /53. William Alexander not found in county. Sp- executed on William Alexander 19th September 1853. Answers? of William Alexander & Thomas Huthinson filed October 11, 1853. Ans of J. D. Alexander filed April 12 1854. --- 1/3 1853 Ordered that publication be made as to Alfred Alexander, Mariah and James Bridges, Jane and Benjamin Inman, Elizabeth Wade, Andrew Wade, George Wade, & Minerva Wade.

May rules 1852 set for hearing by complainant's counsel


To the honorable John J/I/L? O?in, chancellor & o? sitting and holding court at Nashville for Davidson County, Tennessee. The bill of complaint of Nicholas Wright, guardian of Thomas Alexander a lunatic of Davidson County, against William Alexander of Davidson County, Davidson Alexander of Perry County, Tenn, Alfred Alexander of the state of Missouri, Ruth Kelly & William Kelly of Perry County, Tenn, Sarah Wade & others, children of Rachel Wade, dec'd, Thomas Hutchinson and others, children of Peggy Hutchinson, dec'd, of Williamson County, Tenn, Mariah Bridges & James Bridges of state of Kentucky, and Jane Inman & Ray Inman of state of Kentucky. [2 lines too smudged to read but includes "Davidson County" and "the matter of the lunacy of said Thomas Alexander, a citizen of said county".]

That under said proceedings, an inquisition of lunacy was taken and returned into said court finding him a lunatic & the property ofwhich he was seized of & possessed -h--p-- said Thomas Alexander was by the judgement of said court declared a lunatic, & a guardian was appointed to take charge of his affairs, all of which will particularly? appear from a transcript of the record of said court. [Part of lines smudged, but about something filed, possibly transcripts] made part of this bill Another? or further? shows assets? Young? ------ said Thomas Alexander's estate consists of a tract of land in Davidson County. -----, a schedule of which said property is? h----itly? filed marked exhibit B and made a part of this bill. That said Thomas Alexander has the following children who on his death will be his heirs & distributors? and next of kin, a schedule of whose names and places of residence is herewith filed marked C? and made part of this bill. Another shows assets your honor [not totally sure of sentence]that said lunatic, said Thomas Alexander, is an old man being 83 years of age & is of infirm health. His wife has been dead many years & he has never remarried, that his estate consists of said tract of land & said slaves, that said land and slaves have been under ----- of said county court let to hire, that the land will in the course of things be gradually deteriorated in value from being let? out?, from year to year & said slaves will be decreased in value ("& in" inserted above line) f----- number from being hired out. That said property can be better invested by sale thereof, both for said lunatic & for said children That it is more than sufficient for the care, support, & maintenance of said lunatic. In fact, that said Thomas Alexander is a confirmed lunatic without hope of recovery therefrom & he has the children whose names are as given in schedule hereto annexed. Whether advancements have been made to any of said children your orator does not know but requires said children to make answer & discovery thereof. Further shows/shown assest your honor that it is manifestly to the interest of said lunatic & his said children that said land & slaves be sold.

List of slaves with names and ages

List of property

There may be some articles and some notes and accounts, the number and amounts not ascertained by us.

Given under our hands and seals this 15th day of October 1851 (or 1852) Signers and note of their seals (Author's note: Nicholas Wright was one of them, others not important to me.)

Whereas the said Thomas Alexander by care of the court had through his counsel moved the court to quash the report of the jury on grounds of informality? in the appointment of the jury and for ineg---ty in the execution of the inquisition? and after evidence heard and [a few words too smudged to read] and arguments of counsel the court is of opinion that the report should be quashed or set aside and the same is ordered accordingly. And the court being further of opinion from information before them that another jury should investigate the question of lunacy or unsoundness of mind of the said Thomas Alexander. It is therefore ordered by the court that the sheriff sup a jury consisting of twelve freeholders who shall be ---- moved to attend at the home of the said Thomas Alexander and after hearing the evidence on both sides examining? the said Thomas Alexander if he can be found after reasonable search by the sheriff and -----ing counsel on both sides to examine witnesses and make report under their hands and seals as to the lunacy or unsoundness of mind of the said Thomas Alexander and if they find him a lunatic or of unsound mind report also the inventory and value of his property and that they report to the next court. It is further ordered that the sheriff give five days written notice of the time and place of this inquisition to Thomas Alexander if in this county or to Andrew Ewing if he cannot be found and also to W M Alexander the petitioner and that the sheriff issue supoenas on either side