Studebaker Tales

Top Ten Things I Learned Riding in an Old Studebaker to a Studebaker Meet
By Val Alexander

I made these observations during the trip to the Tri-State SDC Meet in Asheville, NC, and while at the meet. Perhaps, they are worthwhile to all Studebaker enthusiasts.

1. When heading east in a classic car, on a sunny, late-summer day, it is wiser to sit on the north side of the car.

2. The state of North Carolina apparently has a budget crisis in the street sign department, at least around the city of Asheville.

3. If you don't want to be noticed, don't drive a Studebaker Hawk (overheard at the meet, and found to be absolutely correct).

4. The most fun people are those who are passionate about something...anything, be it history, genealogy, watches, cars, or ...?

5. There are more exquisite pocket watches in the world than one would think possible, and one amazing guy knows all about every one of them.

6. Most people under 40 never heard of a Studebaker.

7. Everybody's uncle used to have a '51 (or '50, or '57...) Studebaker.

8. An old Studebaker will bring together people who have nothing in common, and make them instant friends, even though they will likely never meet again.

9. That spot-cleaner stuff really does remove bird poop.

10. And last, but definitely not least: if one wants to indulge an interest in classic cars, it is best to have a close family member in the towing business.