I have not yet posted all my records for family members, and some documentation may still be missing; however, I want to share what I have done so far while I add to the history. I welcome information on any reader's branch of our Chilcutt family.

Chilcutt Family Research
by JFA

According to an entry in a book about early Maryland settlers, Anthony Chilcutt arrived not later than 1688, when he purchase an estate. Anthony made a will February 1739 in Dorchester County, Maryland, a few months before his death, which occurred before mid-December of that year. In the will, he left tracts of land to John Layton, whose relationship to Anthony is unknown to me, and to "son Anthony" and to "loving son George." Anthony was apparently widowed by 1739 since the will does not mention a wife.

It's possible that John Layton was Anthony's son-in-law, but, if so, it appears strange that the daughter was not mentioned. Perhaps she was deceased, or perhaps she was the Mary Layton listed as the head of household in a 1776 Maryland census. I have not attempted to follow the Laytons further.

I have not found much on Anthony Chilcutt, Jr, but it is probable that he lived out his life in Maryland and raised a family there since Chilcutts can be found there through at least 1886 as shown by gravestone pictured on Find A Grave. I found Chilcutts in and around Baltimore well into the twentieth century, but I do not know that any of them belong to our Chilcutt family.

I have found very little on Anthony Sr.'s son George, but his will, made in Dorchester County November 1745 rewards genealogical diggers for their searching. The will, which was witnessed by his brother Anthony and by John Layton, divides his land between son John and son Joshua and leaves his unmarried daughter Jameson some animals. Wife Sarah was named executor of the will. Although I have found no evidence that Sarah's maiden name was Burney as claimed, such evidence may be in an oft-mentioned Chilcutt family bible, which I have not seen. Since wills often named children of each gender in order of age, it is probable that John is the older son. I have no no birth dates for the three children, but all must have been born between 1730 and 1745.

Joshua and wife Esther were the parents of the children whose names and birth dates appear in the Quaker Third Haven document. The children were: Mary, born 8 December 1764, Cloe, born 16 November 1766, Rhoda, born 14 October 1770, Celia born 23 September 1772, Esther, born 30 July 1774, Febe, who may have changed the spelling to Phoebe, born 1 February 1775/6/7, Peter, born 12 May 1780, John, born 29 May 1782, Anna, born 23 June 1784. Although Esther, the mother of the children, is said to be Esther Johnson, I have found no records to support this. In fact, I have found very little information about Joshua and Esther other than the Third Haven records, and I have not attempted to follow this branch.

The older son, John, had moved from Maryland to Guilford County by 1778, when he received his first land grant. I have not even been able to determine whether he married in Marylnad or North Carolina. The earliest Chilcutt marriage record that I have found in North Carolina was 17 October 1794 for Thomas Chilcutt. Of the children, I will address only the lines of George, Joshua (my ancestor), Rebecca, and James Lewis and will follow them only after they reach Tennessee.

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Notes and Citations

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Censuses and Other Data

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