Donna Moody has intensely researched and addressed the Chilcutt history down to my Joshua, who came to Tennessee about 1819; however, I want to share my few items that may have been unavailable to her. I welcome information on any reader's branch of our Chilcutt family.

Chilcutt Family Research
by JFA

According to an entry in a book about early Maryland settlers, Anthony Chilcutt arrived not later than 1688, when he purchased an estate. Anthony made a will February 1739 in Dorchester County, Maryland, a few months before his death, which occurred before mid-December of that year when it was probated.

Donna's Chilcutt story provides information about Anthony's will and about his four children, John, who preceded him in death, Mary, Anthony, Jr, and George. Our line from Anthony is through George, who made bequests in his will to three children, sons John and Joshua and daughter Jameson. Neither Donna nor I were able to find data on Jameson. Our line comes through John, whom Donna

Joshua and wife Esther were Quakers, and the Quakers kept excellent records on marriages, births, deaths and other incidents and activities that could affect their relationship with the church. Joshua and wife Esther were the parents of the children whose names and birth dates appear in the Quaker Third Haven document. The children were: Mary, born 8 December 1764, Cloe, born 16 November 1766, Rhoda, born 14 October 1770, Celia born 23 September 1772, Esther, born 30 July 1774, Febey, who may have changed the spelling to Phoebe, born 1 February 1775/6/7, Peter, born 12 May 1780, John, born 29 May 1782, and Anna, born 23 June 1784. Although Esther, the mother of the children, is said by some to be Esther Johnson, I have found no records to support this. Although I have found little information about Joshua and Esther other than his will and the Third Haven records, I wish to share what I've found with others to complement Donna's much more-exhaustive work.

Of the children of John Chilcutt (Maryland to North Carolina), I will address only the line of Joshua, my ancestor (call him Joshua 2), and, to a minor degree, those of Rebecca, and James Lewis and will follow them only after they reach Tennessee. Since Donna has covered brother George (North Carolina to Tennessee following Joshua and Rebecca) I have not made any attempt to address him, my tale about Joshua's family sometimes strays to include his line due to the intertwining of the families in Henry County.

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Censuses and Other Data

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