Samuel Arthur Smith Wives: Martha A. Poplin Juanita Austin


His Parents: Jefferson D. Smith and Lenora Alice Tucker

Mattie's Maiden Name: probably Martha A. Poplin; Parents: Charles and Henrietta Poplin

Juanita Austin"s Parents: John M. Austin and Mollie E. Hutchinson

Arthur was born December 1886 in Henry County, TN.

Arthur first married Mrs Martha A. Box 17 September 1909 in Scott County, MO. She had probably been married previously to W. M. Box: marriage in Ozark County, MO, 10 January 1907, W. M. Box to Martha A. Poplin, with Charles Poplin granting permission for her to marry.

Arthur married Juanita Austin, 28 September 1907 in Scott County, MO. Juanita was half-sister to Fanny Lee Adams, wife of William Scarbrough.

WW2 Registration, #2455, 27 April 1942. Gives birthday and place as 10 Feb 1889, Henry Co., TN; age 53. Address 2612 Gaty Ave, E. St. Louis, St Clair Co, IL. Names Albert Smith of same address as person always knowing his whereabouts. Name: Samuel Arthur Smith

Information about Children

Arthur and Mattie had a son, Freddie, born 12 Dec 1910.

1910ScMOp208a.: Arthur (24) TN/TN/TN and Mattie (20) AR/TN/AR; no children, no years listed for marriage. See also Jeff's and Alice's family, which has Arthur, Charles, and William (Scarbrough?) listed as children in family. Ages are correct.

1920: see with mother Alice in E St Louis, IL.