Demonstration showing an HTML file with operable link
"embedded" within another HTML page

Embedded is in quotation marks above since since embed is an HTML tag while this page employs an iframe. In essence, the html in this page places a revised Example-figcaption.html within this page. Some text in the original has been removed, and the image of Big Bud has a link added. As can be seen, I changed the name to Extra.html. The use of target= "_blank" in the link on the embedded page results in its opening on a new page instead of within the iframe as it would without the target.

This page has nothing unusual in the style sheet. As is readily seen, the navsection is the same as in several others in this group. The iframe is contained in a div by itself, and examples of the text to call the second HTML page are easily found on the internet: iframe src= "Extra.html" name= "extralinks" width= "100%;" height="600px;" style="border:none;".